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The tortoise is a genus of the genus Chorizo, and there are 341 species in 14 families. Various types of turtles and toads, their ribs evolved into special bone and cartilage shields called tortoise shells. Turtles are turtles that usually live on land and in the water, and who live in the sea for a long time. Turtles are also long-lived animals that have a life span of more than a hundred years in the natural environment. Like many reptiles, turtles are warming animals. However, due to the metabolism of the body, the body temperature of the leatherback turtle is higher than the ambient water temperature.

Turtles include extant and extinct species. The earliest fossil records date back to 220 million years ago, even before snakes, lizards and crocodiles, are among the world's oldest reptiles. Many of its creatures have lived to the present and include some extremely endangered species.
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